It took me more than 21 years of reflection, plus another twenty one days of a sabbatical to produce this paper. There is a lot of thinking, prayer, meditation, and research that went into it. I have thoroughly researched what I have said here. This paper; however remains a human construct with flaws, like any other human construct. I apologize and deeply regret the pain that the contents of this paper will cause some people. I pray that no religious zealot will go for a sledgehammer over what I have to say here. I pray no one will reject, ostracize, persecute, and treat me badly for being my authentic self here.
What you are about to read here is truth as I have now embraced it. Please do not persecute me for what I perceive to be truth. I have, however, come to terms and accepted as part of my new quest; that I will be criticized, misunderstood, misquoted, and even verbally abused by the close-minded, fearful defenders of the God of yesterday. I also now know that, if persecution does not come, I will not have the strength for the road ahead. I write as a postmodern mystic. Jesus was a Jewish mystic. I request that if my utterances and revolutionary actions are different from what Jesus did to the Jewish Religion of his time, please, help me somebody! If what I am saying and doing, differs from what was said and done by the Jewish mystic, 2000 years ago, help me somebody! Show me where my actions and sayings differ from the actions of a Revolutionary Jewish mystic I follow. I promise to repent! I do not say this lightly!
I know this is a very tricky request; having studied the biography of this Jewish Revolutionary. I am inspired by this Revolutionary! I was born and raised in the Evangelical Church all my life. My early childhood was shaped by a scrupulously religious Evangelical upbringing. Both my Mother and Father’s parents were devout Evangelical preachers. They both came from Evangelical backgrounds. I was not raised by my biological parents but by the devout Evangelical Grandparents on my Father’s side. They injected me with an Evangelical awareness in my childhood. My ship and the way of viewing the world took off under this banner.

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