Look at him! Look not at his divinity But look rather, at his freedom Look not at the exaggerated tales of his power But look, rather at his infinite capacity to give himself away Look not at the first-century mythology that surrounds him But look, rather, at his courage to be, His ability to love; this freedom; this life; this being; And, when you are accepted, accept yourself; When you are forgiven, forgive yourself; When you are loved, love yourself. Grasp that Christ power and dare to be yourself Not knowing who we are, we walk in darkness The ancient ancestors of the human race, Each night brought something of terror and devastation No Street lights, No candle lights, No neon lights Darkness! A darkness that our primitive forbears could not dispel Not surprisingly, whatever hurled back the darkness Became the object of worship The sun, the moon, the stars, and fire The worshiped symbols of light versus the demonic powers of darkness The Prince of Darkness reigned supreme In the distortions of the purpose of God’s creation When Christians tell about the birth of their Lord, They speak of a powerful light That split the darkness of night: “A light to the Gentiles.” A light is born in the night Born is a life, whose power of love dispels darkness, Banishes demons, heals sickness, restores life Calls people into a new creation His is a life that reveals what all life was created to be: Free, whole, giving, loving

“In him was life, and his life was the light of men and women, And his life shines in darkness, And the darkness cannot extinguish it.” Love restores life to its true purpose And light is revealed when love touches us; And enables us to grasp our humanity, Fulfill our potential, live our destiny. “I am the light of the world The one who follows me will not walk in darkness But will have the light of life.” Jesus Christ reveals; The Source of Life, the Ground of Being The Power of Love; And so we worship this life. We worship him by living his freedom, Sharing in his being, Giving his love; AND WE CALL HIM LORD! I stand in awe of this life, this Christ, Who is all that life is meant to be. Jesus of Nazareth is Son of God, Begotten, not made, light of light, Very God of very God! My awe and my reverence for this life can, And does easily become worship Jesus and Christ: They are not the same. Jesus was a person; Christ is a title, a theological principle. Christ is beyond history. Jesus was of history; Christ is beyond history Jesus was human, finite, limited; Christ is power divine, infinite, unlimited. Jesus had a mother and a father, A human heritage, he was born and he died. Christ is beyond the capacity of the mind to embrace. To be in Christ is to come alive. To be in Christ is to turn on to life, To discover the fullness of living; To be in Christ is to know the power of love, To experience freedom, wholeness, being;

So immense is the power of Christ, So deep is his appeal that; At every stage in life, We seem to see him from a different angle, To see him with new insight; Our Christ is like sea beneath the sun; ever changing, yet ever the same! The reality I call God; Is beyond the power of the human mind fully to grasp, Beyond the ability of human words to capture, Beyond the feeble attempts of human beings; Even to completely describe. We grope after the truth, and we see only through a glass darkly. And who is God? He is not a being in the sky; Who thinks and acts; Who feels and directs. God is the Source of life; So, God is seen wherever life is lived, And God is not alien or separate from that life. God is the Source of Love; So, God is seen wherever love is shared, And God is not alien or separate from that love. God is the Ground of being; So, God is seen wherever one has the courage to be, And God is not alien or separate from that being. In Jesus of Nazareth; The fullness of live is lived, The depth of love is shared, The courage to be all that one is; is revealed; So, Jesus reveals life and love and being. Jesus reveals God And, whenever God is seen in human life, We call that power CHRIST!


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