Letter to Professor Bungane Radebe.

Dear Professor Bungane,

like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ - Mahatma Ghandi

Prof. I am not calling you by this title to ridicule you. I am doing it since you have, in emails to me (more than thrice), defined yourself as a 'prudent scholar'. This is now yourself definition. Here is myself definition; I am just a child of God. Period, (Sorry, faith preachers, I know 'just a child of God' is not good enough for you). I write this letter as a postmodern Prophet. I have also defined myself as a postmodern mystic. It is not easy to be a mystic. You are always going against tradition, against the flow. I will later tell you why you defined yourself as a scholar and not a theologian. As a postmodern mystic, I have fully analysed your emails using the best of my mystical mind, technology, word count, spell check, etc. Mystical spiritual experiences have become a part of my journey and my reality since 17 August 2007. Some friends asked me to ignore your rude email and just go on with my life. I felt led to use my prophetic call to respond to you, so that we can all have hope in a hopeless world. I felt led to defend my new found faith. As a mystic, I sense that there is a deep question within you; who is this Muzi?

(until Muzi becomes himself and not a carbon copy of Sponge I will be rude in my discussions with him,) My response here addresses the type of Christianity represented by people who behave like you do. The attached emails are more disgusting than the disgust you find in people like Bishop Spong and I. You are justifying your rudeness to me by ridiculing Bishop Spong. What if I was a 'carbon copy' of someone you loved? What if I was a carbon copy of your most admired scholar? Would you be rude to me and ridicule him or her? I have empathy with your hatred for Bishop Spong, many traditional Christians find him disgusting. You are basically saying you will be rude to me until I fit in within your definition of me. Do you really have to be rude to me because you can't define me? Does the Christ within you want you to be rude? You have defined yourself as a 'prudent scholar', with a flimsy excuse for not responding to my email. It is not my intention to be rude to you. My intention is to speak the truth in love (not anger and love). The truth will set you free, but it will first deeply wound you, and for that I apologize in advance. Bishop Spong is just a child of God like me. I and He just happen to have the same mystical experiences. We are asking the same questions. Do not direct your vitriolic anger at us. You anger should be directed at the Distinguished Scholars of the Jesus Seminar (not seminary). These are the Bible scholars who interpret our mystical experiences for us and address inherent contradictions in the Bible (a modern day idol). They make sense of the questions we are asking, and like Christ, they respond to our questions with other questions. They change questions to our traditional answers. We remain with answers, only to discover that the questions have been changed.

I'm a child of God (not a MAN of God). Men of God have all the answers. A child of God has questions only. Wait for the right time. In my world, a scholar is a Professional 'theologian'. A Prudent one would then be a Distinguished Professor. The one other Professors look up to. I now present my paper for marking. As my Distinguished Professor, I have acceded to your request to name the sources of all my quotations, though you did not name your source when you said; "shame the Devil". Everyone knows that this is not original to you. You stole this somewhere and failed to acknowledge but insist that I should acknowledge to Karl Marx, a quote that Karl Marx stole from Aristotle. At least, I do not know where Karl Marx stole it from (since you did not know). I just don't know where Aristotle stole it from. I can know if I want to.


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